The Only Way Left for the Little Guy to get Rich in the Restaurant Business

To make money in the restaurant business, restaurant owners have to have a competitive advantage. If hard work alone would do it, most restaurant owners would already be rich.

There are only two real and sustainable competitive advantages anyone can have in the restaurant business.

Restaurant owners can’t have the best chef or the best location or the best menu or the cheapest prices — at least, not for very long. Chef’s can get a better offer, road construction, building projects and population shifts turn great locations into so-so locations. Great recipes can be swiped and even improved upon. And of course, trying to have the lowest prices is not the way to go.

The only two real and lasting competitive advantages any restaurant owner can have are — Innovation and Marketing.

Ray Kroc knew the importance of innovation when he said, “McDonald’s can innovate faster than the competition can copy.

Peter Drucker (the greatest management author and guru of all times) said, “Innovation is the only lasting competitive advantage anyone can ever have in any business.”

e’s right — “Marketing” is just a sub-part of “Innovation.”

Applying unique marketing techniques is a major part of innovation because —

Marketing is the only thing that generates profit for a restaurant. Everything else is an expense.

Marketing (when done right) is the best investment any restaurant owner can ever make. In the stock market or in real estate someone may hope for a 5% or maybe even a 20% return on their investment. But in marketing, a $100 investment in promotion (ads, direct mail, press releases, etc.) could bring in $1,000 in profit and sometimes much more.

For example, changing only a few words in a headline can bring in two to 10 times more profit from the same ad. And the only cost to make the change would be the time it took the restaurant owner to learn how to write headlines. What kind of return on investment is that?

The average restaurant owner thinks his job is to “run his restaurant.” He doesn’t have time to market his restaurant — or even to learn how to market a restaurant. Maybe that’s why he’s average.

A restaurant owner can’t make $100,000 a year doing $10 and hour work. A restaurant owner’s job should be to market, innovate and promote his/her restaurant.

The restaurant marketing plan for many restaurants is based on whatever the latest ad salesperson was promoting. When it comes to marketing, many restaurant owners just copy what the big boys are doing. That could spell disaster for almost any independent restaurant.

Most restaurant owners work long hours, but it doesn’t take long hours to market, innovate and promote a restaurant.

Look at it this way. A restaurant owner who masters innovation and marketing could swap restaurants with any restaurant owner in town. Let him have the location, the menu, the chef and staff and a year from now the restaurant owner who knows how to market and innovate would have the most profitable restaurant.

Learn to stop chasing the so-called competitive advantages that are short-lived and non-sustainable. Concentrate on Innovation and Marketing and watch your restaurant profits skyrocket.

Jerry Minchey, editor

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How Web Writing Is Different From Creative Writing?

Probably, people believe that writing is all same, but it’s not. Basically, there is a difference between content writing and writing content for a website. Don’t be confused; it simply means that Creative Writing means generating engaging content in different forms to use over the internet. On the other hand, web writing is creating content for the particular audience, which requires a different type and level of content.

Do you also think that a person who can write on the topics of traveling, fashion, food or anything else can even write for a website? No, you are wrong. It’s because a different type of writing requires different skills and knowledge. To know the vital difference between the both, you have to go through the following points that answer all your questions.

The Purpose Of Writing: Writing content for a website is mainly for the marketing purpose, which helps the consumer to make a right decision regarding its purchase. However, creative writing is sharing your own experience to increase the knowledge of a person and to hold their interest. The purpose and the way of writing are different in both.

The Way Of Writing: While writing content for a website you have to be formal and therefore, you need to explain what you want to say in a to the point manner. On the other side, you can use some tricky words, in the creative writing that hold the interest of its reader.

SEO Compliance: An important thing that creates a huge difference between both writing is SEO. SEO is an important factor that you have to consider while writing for a website. You need to use the relevant keyword at a right place in your article, description, and Meta tag as well, but when it comes to creative writing, you don’t need to get worried about all such things.

You have to understand that writing is not only about using big words, but it’s all about using simple words in a different and impressive manner to hold the interest of a reader and give them a reason to visit your site or your blog post over and over again. All above points are enough to make you understand what the actual difference between web writing and creative writing is. So, you cannot overlook its importance and for this, you can also take professional Content Writing Services from a reputed SEO Company.

Adventure Tourism in India

India is an incredible land of South east Asia, dotted with distinct topographical features like high mountainous regions, barren desert areas, verdant valleys, and long rivers etc. Amalgamation of all these geographical features has made India a land to be cherished.

To exhibits all these natural treasures troves to globetrotters, Indian government has initiated various forms of tourism. One such form of tourism is adventure tourism. It is a new form of tourism which is gradually earning popularity among the adventure seekers.

Adventure tourism includes exploration or travel to remote or exotic areas keeping harmony with Nature. It helps the adventure buffs to indulge themselves in various types of outdoor recreational activities to rejuvenate themselves.

Adventure Activities In India:

India has a vast range of adventure activities which are captivating the attention of thousands of adventure buffs from all across the globe. Some of the famous adventure sports of India are trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, cycling, skiing, heli-skiing, para gliding, hangliding, river rafting.

Apart from these, India also has some other thrilling adventure sports in her kitty such as scuba diving, swimming, surfing which can be done at the vast azure Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal. Beside these adventure enthusiasts can also indulge their selves in some more adventure sports like desert safari, wildlife safari, elephant safari, jeep safari, nature walks at various wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of India.

Adventure Tourism Destinations In India:

Every corner of India is dotted with some fine adventure tourism destinations such as the snow-capped mountainous region of Great Himalayas which includes places like Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Sikkim, Upper fringes of West Bengal.

Beside Himalayan mountain ranges, other adventure destinations of our country are Goan beaches, desert area of Rajasthan, Western ghats and Eastern ghats of South India, and various wildlife sanctuaries and national parks such as Jim Corbett National Park, Gir National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Kaziranga National Park etc.

Some of the famous adventure sport locations in India are which chock-a-blocks with visitors round the year are Leh-Ladakh, Zanskar Valley, Kargil and Suru valley, Manali and Kullu valley, Lahual and Spiti valley, Dharamshala and Kangra valley, Chamba valley, Kinnaur and Sangla valley, Rishikesh, Garhwal and Kumaon valley, Darjeeling etc.

So, immediately plan a trip to India and explore all these aforementioned thrilling adventure sports.